Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Bunnies and Donuts!

Spring Bunnies

I made 10 Spring bunnies and the were all scooped up in a couple of days! It was a good week for Suki Bunnies last week!

Bunny Basket

The success of these bunnies inspired me to design a donut bunny. Here is the very first one. I listed it on Etsy in the afternoon and in the evening it was bought! There will be more bunnies coming soon! :)

Bunny Donut

Hiding amongst the flowers

Hungry Bunny

Munch munch munch...

Last week I popped into one of my favourite fabric stops in London and spotted leopard pattern fabric. I could not resist it, even though I do not enjoy working with faux fur at all! :)

Leopard Donut in progress

 I am so happy with this new addition to the Donut series.

 Leopard Donut

 I might try adding a tongue with the next one

Leopard Donut and Bunny Donut

Today has been such a beautiful day! These two are orders and shall be sent off soon. I cannot wait to start making more and I hope they find good homes. 

Bunny Sandwich

The Donut Collection

Today I have been taking paracetemol and codine to ease some pain I am experiencing in my stomach. I spent most of last night freaking out, thinking my appendix was going to explode! Once daylight started to appear my dark thoughts were much less dark. I spoke to a nurse on the telephone who suggested pain killers which are helping but the sharp pains are still there... It is always more scary when you do not know what the problem is. I am distracting myself with bunnies and donuts! :)

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