Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Eeeeeeeeeeeek!  This poor little fella has lost his feet!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Halloween!

* No Sukis were harmed in this photo shoot.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cookie Keyring Season

October is Cookie Season!

All of these were hanging in our garden, all staring back at me with their irregular paired eyes and sticky out tongues.

The plums have recently finished, and now pear season is almost over. But there are Cookies!

Freshly picked

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy October Flowers

These flowers will certainly bring cheer! Perfect for as a gift for any occasion! The really brighten up the house with their smiley little faces!

Soft, fluffy wellness fleece makes a great combination with colourful cottons to make such pretty petals.

These are available in the Etsy shop

It's a girl!

A healthy baby girl Sasquatch

She comes with all 6 fingers and all 6 toes!

After the second attempt at a another Sasquatch, I am happy with this one. I just wish working with fur did not drive me so nuts!

Preparing all the Sasquatch bits

There are quite a few seperate parts - mouth, teeth, ears, hands, fingers, feet, toes.... she's a fiddly little bugger!

Baby Sasquatch

Baby Sasquatch

 But she is quite adorable! :)

Today was a bad sewing day... I have been working on making more of these little babies, however I am struggling to make them look like this one. It's tricky getting all the different parts right! Tomorrow I will take a break from them and do something else. I hope to have some available soon.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Baby Sasquatch

Suki Sasquatch

Everytime I work with these kink of furry fabrics I always complain, and yet I still cannot resist buying them and trying out new things. It is nightmere! Fur everywhere, all over me, all over the carpet... it just gets EVERYWHERE!

Suki Sasquatch

 This little fella was made yesterday. When I began to remember how much fur drives me nuts, I almost stopped after making the head.

 This design needs some tweaking. For starters, he needs feet. Little sticky out feet.

I cannot bring myself to go through all that mess again for now... especially now I can only work in the bedroom.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Donut-ing again

Bunny Donut

Because I was commisioned to make the Sleepy Cats I had to find a way to work. We are inbetween homes right now and are staying temporarily with my parents. It's a small house that is crammed with all of our boxes. They are stacked high, from the floor to th ceiling and it is impossible to find anything.

Sewing was supposed to be on hold until we moved to the new house. However, what was supposed to be only a month or two stay has extended to goodness knows how long... 

The setup for working is not ideal, but I have to make do. I have a tiny table with my sewing machine, in the bedroom and every mornign the mattress that we sleep on has to be flipped up just so we have space to move.  

Now I have resumed sewing, I have an urge to make new Sukis. I have limited access to my fabrics and materials so there are some things I cannot make for now. 

There are enough fabrics for me to play around with in the mean time.

I am absolutely in love with the new wellness fleece I recently acquired in Amsterdam!!! It's super soft and fluffy and make wonderful donuts!

Today I am planning on trying out the new fabrics with a flower!!!

Donut ears

Three new bunny donuts

Progress on the website is slow.... it feels like this website will never get done!!!

A lot of work as been done in preparing images. Every Suki below has been cleaned up in photoshop to remove all backgrounds. And every shadow has been painted by hand.

There is still so much to do... 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Delivery Day


Today was my first delivery date for the first batch of cats.

I had some drama with ordering more fabric. I ordered 5 meters from amazon but that turned out to be a slightly colour and thickness. In the end, I had to trouble a friend in Amsterdam to go to the shop I bought the fabric from and she sent it over. However, it took almost a week to arrive and no one could tell me where it was. Luckily the fabric arrived and left me with about 5 days which I spent sewing frantically!  It was looking unlikely that I would be able to finish 5 sleepy cats, but managed to complete 8 just in time! PHEW!

We were hoping to meet Jasper Byrne today but this did not happen. Perhaps when I return with the two remaining cats, we can hopefully arrange to meet Jasper, the designer and maker of Lone Survivor.

 This is Rob, the guy in charge of all the marketing.

And this is my dear friend James, who suggested me when Rob and Jasper had interests in getting Sleepy Cat plush toys made. 

There was some sadness parting with these funny little cats. I am used to seeing them everywhere! Even when I close my eyes, I see cat heads!

Don't look behind you Kitty!

I will take at least one day off from cat making, to rest my worn out fingers from all the hand sewing. This design has many separate parts that require a lot of hand sewing. They are much bigger than I had originally planned. With each prototype, the size increased too. It's a good size though, nice and huggable!

Just like with all my Suki's it's impossible not to get attached to every creation.  I will miss you Sleepy Cats, all of you! :)