Saturday, January 18, 2014

Snow Leopard Suki

Snow Leopard Suki

Just trying out something new. I have taken my pattern that I have used for my sheep, ladybug and pig and tried making a snow leopard. The shape works nicely, but face needs something more, I think. It needs to look a bit more cat-like.

Francesco and Naomi found this design a bit confusing.

I will try making another face to see if I can improve it. Also, I have a cheetah and leopard in the making. Wondering how they will turn out. 

Snow Leopard Suki

Snow Leopard Suki

Snow Leopard Suki

Snow Leopard Suki

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Suki Love Drops

Love Drop Plush

This is my very first Love Drop. She was made back in 2007, while I was still living in Amsterdam. A cute, fluffy drop of love!

Fenske and the Love Drop

With Valentine's Day just a month away, I thought it would be nice to make these little love drops as keyrings.

So here is a much smaller version of the Love Drop, as a keyring.

Little drops of love that can be sprinkled everywhere!

Love Drop keyring

Love Drop keyring

Love Drop keyring

Love Drop keyring

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a very wonderful 2014 from me and all the Sukis!

Happy New Year!

Every time a new year begins, at the strike of midnight, during all the cheers and excitement, I usually have a list of goals and plans. I entered 2014 without a clear list. This could be partly due to having failed to complete my main goals in 2013.

I did not design my website which has been the goal for a couple of years now...

But this does not mean there will be no goals for this year.

For the last five months we have been living at my parents place. So, working on SukiSuki is difficult without proper workspace. However, I am doing what I can, but production is slow.

We anticipate it will be another 2 more months. My poor parents, we and all our boxes were not suppose to invade their home for this long.

But progress is being made! Soon we can start putting down the joists and as soon as we have heating and floors, we can move in!

During our Christmas holiday in Italy, we went to see out stairs being constructed. Our stairs, floor boards,granite surface for the kitchen are all from Italy. A few days ago Francesco's Dad drove a large van packed with all our horsey stuff and jars of home made tomato sauce to bring to London. Everything is now in storage.

Homemade tomato sauce from Italy
Our stairs
Our floor boards and my tables

Seeing all the elements for our new home, makes it finally feel more real! We had the keys to the flat since Sept 2012 and everything is just taking so much longer than planned, sometimes I forget we have a flat! The day we move in, will be extremely exciting!

My other custom made table

By the end of February or the beginning of March, we are optimistic that our flat will be livable. Not finished, but livable!

Our living room and kitchen

My Suki Studio

Fixing up the Suki Studio will be one of the highest priorities. This and the kitchen will be the most important places for m.

Once I have a proper studio I will be able focus SukiSuki properly!

In the mean time, I will work on my website - but I really mean it this time!  :)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Liberty Best Of British open call

Yesterday was the day of Best of British open call at Liberty.  Having only received an email one week before the big day, and arriving back from Italy 4 days before, I had only 3 days to prepare.

I decided I wanted to make some new Lupi pillows using some new Liberty fabrics so used Wednesday to go shopping. The huge choice of beautiful fabrics in Liberty made choosing almost impossible. In the end I got 4 different ones.

I also made a new friend, Brian from the rugs department. My camera caught his attention.

The floral one is my favourite. I have a 2012 diary with this pattern, from Liberty. 

Thursday and Friday was spent sewing 4 lupi pillows and 2 donuts. I took them along with a giant bunny donut, 2 sasquatches and a cookie keyring.

 I had to wake up at 5am on Saturday morning and joined the queue about 7.30am. It was not as long as I was expecting but it did grow quickly, so was happy to have arrived early.

My dad was sweet enough to insist to drive me to Liberty.

Whilst waiting in the queue, I got chatting with some very lovely ladies. The helped to calm my nerves.

The queue moved pretty fast. Going up these stairs made me nervous again.

I was so incredibly nervous, sitting here, waiting for your name to be called.  

 I wish I had taken a photo of the two panelists I met. Everything happened so quickly and now I can barely remember their faces. 

They decided almost immediately that the Sukis did not fit the style of Liberty. I was told they were too contemporary. However, I continued to pull out suki after suki until they had seen them all, even though they had made up their minds up in the first minute, after just seeing the Lupis.

This experience left me feeling a bit deflated and confused. I wish I had asked more questions and explained things properly but nerves just got the better of me.

I would definitely do it again but would be much more prepared. Everything has to be super perfect. In the end I had only two days to make new things, which was not enough time. I did have Sukis already made, from about 2 years ago, with Liberty fabrics but they were all packed up in boxes. So I decided the best thing to do would be to make new ones.It would have been nice to have reached the next round and meet Ed. May be next time...

 It was definitely an experience!