Friday, February 3, 2012

Invading John Lewis

After completing the Lupi and Pilu pillows, I wanted to take nice photographs in a good setting. The first place that popped into my head was John Lewis. I packed the four pillows in a big rucksack and headed off to the Center. I was meeting up with a friend for lunch and had hoped he would join me on my sofa quest. He did come to John Lewis with me but decided to hide in the restaurant while I pursued my mission. I was a little nervous about being allowed to take photos but there was absolutely no problem.  I ran around the store, choosing ideal sofas and rearranged their pillows and pricing information. It was the perfect place!

I returned again to John Lewis a week after with two new pillows. They got out to try lots of sofas, chairs and even a bed.


Yesterday was the first time I looked at the fabrics in the furniture section. I normal always go to the fashion fabrics section. I was short for time, otherwise I would have been there forever! However, I still managed to purchase 9.5 meters of beautiful fabrics, 5 different types.

A wide and beautiful range of furniture fabrics

and more rolls...

and even more!