Thursday, May 8, 2014

Surprise Birthday Cake

 The morning of my Birthday, I was presented with this beautiful Birthday cake, made by my sister!  Naomi started making it the day before, and I had absolutely no idea! She did very well to keep that a surprise. I was at home the entire time!

This is where the cake design came from -  chocolate bunny suki

My Chocolate Bunny Suki cake was the best cake ever!!! Thank you Naomi for making it for me!!! xxx

Custom Fox Donut

My customer, Louise requested a Fox Donut. She could not decide between the large or giant size. In the end she asked to have one in between, 55cm. I had not made a furry donut of this size before, so it was certainly challenging!

I managed to finish the donut today while there was still light outside. As long as Naomi is dressed, she always agrees to be my model. It had just finished raining but we grabbed an umbrella anyways.

This will be the first really big Suki that will be posted! That is gonna be fun!