Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hey Summer, where are you?

Today, has been warm here in London, but the sun is hiding.  It is now the end of July and Summer still has not yet kicked in! There have been a couple of days where summer made a brief appearance and it was hot, but then disappeared again.

Last week I started making some new flowers, I think the gloomy weather triggered a need for some cheer and colour. They certainly brightened up the place and cheered me up!

Little flowers singing for the sun to come out

The first flower I made was back in 2008.  Miguel came up with a flower design for me and from that I  made a red flower and gave it to my Grandmother. I found this character so difficult to make, I decided I did not like them and that was the only one I made. This is the only picture I have of the flower.

 Then this year, the flower was spotted by Meca, a mother who was looking for some plushies for her 6 month old daughter. To my horror, I had to make another one. I had lost the pattern from the first one so had to start again from scratch. My flower nightmere began all over again!

However, I came up with a new and improved version which turns out to be not so bad now. :)

Flower Baby and beautiful Zoe

I even finished the Miguel Flower before I left Amsterdam. I must have made the head in 2008 but never got around to finishing the body. It was the perfect parting gift as he was the one to come up with the flower. I wish I could find the sketches he did for me. Miguel has also been a gigantic source of encouragement and inspiration since I met him. It was always tricky to arrange our workshops but when we did have them, they were jammed packed with cooking and eating and lots of drawing and crazy ideas. Workshop, Miguel, WORKSHOP!! :)

Miguel and his little Monje flower

 Now I have overcome my flower fears and am happily embracing the flowers!

Me with my bunch of flowers

Sunflower Suki

Fiorellino means little flower in Italian.

Pink Fiorellino

Red Fiorellino

Orange Fiorellino

Happy flowers calling out to summer - "WHERE ARE YOOOOU??? You can come out now!"

It also is Francesco's birthday today!  Molto augurii!! :)