Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Craziness!

I have been very busy with Sasquatch making for Christmas orders. We are also having works done on our basement so things are pretty chaotic right now!

Stuff everywhere... just utter chaos!

There was a moment when I was wondering  - actually, it was more like of some moments of panic - if I could make all the Suki orders in time, but I think I have everything under control now. :)

Almost all of the Sasquatches are finished now and are waiting to be wrapped up.
Next year I am starting Christmas preparations in August!!!

Sasquatch heads

Studio before the Christmas rush
Tidying up the studio was a important prior to the starting all the Christmas orders. Now it looks nothing like this! Also I had my old window and door replaced with new ones so that's exciting. I am just waiting for the radiators to be hooked up so my room will be warm! It's so cooooold! BRRRrrrrr....

Giraffesquatch, Zebrasquatch, Supersquatch, Santasquatch


Supersquatches can be completely customisable with removable mask and cape.



Giraffesquatch & Zebrasquatch





This is not my Christmas tree. I was at a Chinese restaurant for lunch with my mum and sister, yesterday, and had to take a photo as our Christmas is not ready yet. Our tree is up. We have Sasquatches, many Sasquatches, a little bit of tinsel, lights but it still looks bare. Waiting for my Christmas balls to arrive and hopefully it will look more Christmasy!

I took yesterday off from sewing and had a very enjoyable day with my sister and my mum. We walked around South Bank, had Chinese for lunch, bubble tea, cake and Korean for dinner.

Naomi & Mum

Mum and me

Monday, October 20, 2014

View Conference in Turin 2014

Last week Francesco, spoke at the View Conference in Turin, about the hair and fur system he worked on at Double Negative and the creatures that were created with it, for the movie Hercules. I went to a couple of other talks too and now I wish I had seen them all! There were speakers from Dreamworks, Pixar, Disney, Animal Logic, Weta, Industrial Light and Magic...people who have worked on movies I love!

On the last night, there was a dinner for the speakers, held at Circolo dei Lettori. A beautiful restaurant with some interesting art work. 

Logan and Lorenzo

Our table

It was a wonderful evening! I was fortunate to meet to many amazing people from the CG industry. Everyone was in good spirits and the food was terrific!

The highlight of the evening has to be talking with Glen Keane and introducing him to my Lobsquatch! Me and Francesco took Glen to a quiet little room and he happily spoke to us about animation. It was as if time stopped! Thank you Glen, it was truly a pleasure!

It was my mission to get a group photo before the evening was over. Rounding everyone up was fun but crazy! We found a room but were soon told were were too noisy and had to leave after only one photo! So our group photo was under a bit of pressure to be taken as quickly as possible but we did it!

Thank you guys for such a great evening!

Saturday, October 4, 2014