Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jungle Painting

I was going through old folders on my PC and stumbled across some paintings I did while i was working at Guerrilla. It is a scene of a jungle, I was painting to keep myself busy during the quite period.

I i was checking out my old work, a couple of the vampire donuts just jumped into my painting!

Cheeky Donuts!

Donut Art by Me 


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Donuts in I Only Like Monsters

So I texted my sister to tell her to check it out  I Only Like Monster's blog. I was so excited to share the link with her.

She was so overjoyed with the picture of her, I have to post here too :)

Hahahaha.. sorry Nai! But I love this pic!

A hungry Vampire Donut

 This is the photo Naomi actually prefers so i'm adding this for her. Here, she demonstrates how the Vampire donut makes a very interesting hat.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Evil Donuts

Here are a new breed of Donuts - Devil and Vampire Donuts!

Who doesn't love donuts? Something sweet and delicious to sink your teeth into. But watch out for these ones, they will bite back and cause all kinds of trouble!!!

Devil Donut

Cooked in the fires of hell! Devil Donut will lead you to temptation and mischief!

Vampire Donut

Vampire Donut has terribly itchy teeth!  But do not worry, he is a vegetarian! He will bite and suck but it is just be for fun. Give him some fruit and it will be devoured!

Rod and Devil Donut

This is Rod, our concierge. Every time we meet, for him, it is his first time!  Yesterday we met for the first time again, for the fourth time! Today, he finally remembers me. :)