Monday, February 16, 2015

The Robodinos

There is a story that come with these Sukis... 

Back in April 2011, in Amsterdam, me and Francesco had to party to celebrate us moving to London. For a long time, I have always wanted to have a Dinosaur party and this seemed like the best opportunity to do so! One last, big party with our friends, all dressed in silly costumes!! What could be better??!! There is nothing! :)

Francesco decided to add the Robot element to it, so it became a Robodino Party! We gave our friends a choice - they could to be a dinosaur or a robot, or both! Some were boring and came as neither!

Francesco was a Robodino and I was a dinosaur - (Don't ask what kind though)

Me & Francesco

Fabric shopping was fun! I cannot remember if the design was influenced by the fabrics or I designed them before getting the fabrics. Either way, they turned out pretty well! I still feel super proud of whenever I see photos, especially Francesco's! :D

Francesco chose his fabrics and left the designing completely up to me. I remember chuckling as I was sketching it out.  The final result remained pretty true to the sketch.

Robodino Francesco

No matter how early I plan to do something, it still always ends up being done at the last minute. I wanted this occasion to be different, but it was not...

Surpri started on my costume a month early, but I had a terrible mishap on my sewing machine which involved the need going through my finger. After that disaster, I didn't touch my sewing machine until about a week before the party! I managed to make both costumes in time, but I was still sewing on the day!

The turn out was amazing! So many people made such an effort! We had Transformers and all kinds of wonderful variants of robots and dinosaurs!

Fabien's costume all finished

Astrid making her costume

Dino Fabien

Robo Stellios

 The one of the far left, is Vagellis. It was such a joy watching him make his helmet and Stellios's (the one next to him). He randomly stuck things on and painted stuff and then TA DA! One robot and one dino!
All ready

Julien and Tanya
 These masks were amazing! Julien made the mesh for their faces, and each mosaic piece was glued on by hand! Not sure how they both could see through with the blinding blue lights shining directly through their eyeballs!

Yves and Astrid - Lovebots

Jan Bart, Marijn, Misja and Victor

Our Robodino Party!

And what a great party it was! Thanks so much to all of our friends that came to celebrate with us!

So that brings me back to these little guys! It's me and Francesco! :)

And four years later... three days ago, Francesco proposed. And I said YES!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Pink Pineapple!

2015 seems to be passing ever so quickly! We are already in February and only now am I doing my first blog post for this year! I know its a bit late now, but I wish everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! Normally, I list all the things I plan to accomplish in the new year and 'doing website' in ALWAYS in the list...

So, this year I am not going to say I will get my website done and will see what happens! ( hopefully this will be the year though)

Today, I made a very exciting discovery at Columbia Road, Flower Market, London  - A pink pineapple!! Definitely a very interesting change from a flower!

Valentines and Birthdays are the only time I may get flowers from Francesco. I love flowers, so I am always complaining about him never getting me flowers. This year, I may hint for bunch of of pink pineapples instead! :)