Friday, September 16, 2011

Time for Ice-Cream!

The sun came out for a while today which was very nice! So I promised the little flowers they would have ice-cream as a treat.

Carrying as many as her little arms will let her

Enjoying ice-cream in the sun

I whisked them away so they could relax on the grass with their ice-creams but the sun did not stay out for long and turned grey and windy quite quickly.

A brief moment with some sun, in the outside world

And as soon as we got home, the sun popped out again! Sigh.. but they still enjoyed themselves :)

Today's Delivery!

Today I received my package from Amazon! I have been eagerly waiting for this package.
After our one weeks holiday in Italy last week it was clear I need to be more serious about learning Italian. The first thing I did was order a book and some more learning CDs.

I have collected a number of different books for learning Italian and each time I buy a book I always think - this will be THE ONE that will teach me Italian! I have learnt a few words hear and there and the grammar completely baffles me!

The First Thousand Words book, looks like a good and simple way of learning words. All the words are in Italian and has a picture to go with each word. However, I am mostly excited about the Berlitz Italian learning CDs! It includes flash cards, interactive games, multimedia learning audio and video and speech analysis. Should be fun!

And here are all my books and my other learning CDs. Oh, I'm missing one book. With their powers combined, I hope they will help me succeed in my mission to speak Italian! I have till December to improve, that is my target date to know at least the basics. Wish me luck!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

150 Fans on facebook!

I now have 150 fans on my SukiSuki facebook page! Yay! It's so exciting to get new fans!

Most of my fans are friends, and admittedly I've had to pester a couple of them and some are people I do not know at all. :)

Please feel free feel to drop by to say hi!

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Stuff You!

I am pleased to introduce - STUFF YOU
Stuff You transforms real human subjects into plush toys!

 I have had fun turning some people into little plushies already.

Stuff You - Elissa

This is real life Elissa. Her most distinctive features are her striking red hair, lovely blue eyes and cute little freckles.

And this is Plushie Elissa!
Had to make her a little dress so she wasn't naked!

Elissa Plushie

Stuff You - Jacob

 Meet another human subject, Jacob. The features I chose to capture are Jacobs glasses, fluffy hair and cheeky smile. Also Jacob is half Chinese, from Australia. So I gave him a slight tan :)

And here is Plushie Jacob, naked!

I made a little shirt for him  so he too is not naked. Can't have him running around naked!

Jacob Plushie

Many thanks to my subjects! :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Special Flower for Vanessa

Last week I went to visit my good old friend, Vanessa. She recently discovered she is pregnant with her second child. I had to visit her! Since Vanessa really liked my Suki Flowers I made one especially for her. I choice a fabric that is very soft and fluffy.

 I was actually very nervous about making this flower, I wanted her to be perfect. And luckily
Vanessa loves her!

The house cushions are handmade by Vanessa

Vanessa has been making her own cushions, they are so lovely and colourful! Each one is hand-stiched! She didn't  use a sewing machine at all!

During the 5 days I was staying with Vanessa I kept saying I will take a picture with her together with her flower. And of course we didn't get around to it, so here is a photo of Vanessa with her father's enormous melons!

I do however have a picture of her husband, Chris, with her flower.

 I cannot wait to make something for her new little one!