Monday, September 12, 2011

Stuff You!

I am pleased to introduce - STUFF YOU
Stuff You transforms real human subjects into plush toys!

 I have had fun turning some people into little plushies already.

Stuff You - Elissa

This is real life Elissa. Her most distinctive features are her striking red hair, lovely blue eyes and cute little freckles.

And this is Plushie Elissa!
Had to make her a little dress so she wasn't naked!

Elissa Plushie

Stuff You - Jacob

 Meet another human subject, Jacob. The features I chose to capture are Jacobs glasses, fluffy hair and cheeky smile. Also Jacob is half Chinese, from Australia. So I gave him a slight tan :)

And here is Plushie Jacob, naked!

I made a little shirt for him  so he too is not naked. Can't have him running around naked!

Jacob Plushie

Many thanks to my subjects! :)

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