Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Special Flower for Vanessa

Last week I went to visit my good old friend, Vanessa. She recently discovered she is pregnant with her second child. I had to visit her! Since Vanessa really liked my Suki Flowers I made one especially for her. I choice a fabric that is very soft and fluffy.

 I was actually very nervous about making this flower, I wanted her to be perfect. And luckily
Vanessa loves her!

The house cushions are handmade by Vanessa

Vanessa has been making her own cushions, they are so lovely and colourful! Each one is hand-stiched! She didn't  use a sewing machine at all!

During the 5 days I was staying with Vanessa I kept saying I will take a picture with her together with her flower. And of course we didn't get around to it, so here is a photo of Vanessa with her father's enormous melons!

I do however have a picture of her husband, Chris, with her flower.

 I cannot wait to make something for her new little one!

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