Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Making Sleepy Cats from Lone Survivor

I have some exciting news!

I have been commissioned by Curve Studios  to make 10 Yellow Cats from Jasper Byrne's indie game, Lone Survivor.

I had made several prototypes before the design was approved and was given the go ahead. Some may say they were CATastrophic!

 Here is one of the versions of the plush cat and an image of Jasper's design.

The trickiest part has been figuring out the best way to do the body - to have fake paws or actual front paws.The final decision was to go with the front paws and to have the tail coming from behind.

Sleepy Cat Plush

Now my challenge is to make 10 purrfect Sleepy Cats!

I am waiting for more yellow fabric to arrive from Amsterdam! A couple of months ago I was in Amsterdam for a wedding and stopped by my favourite fabric store and bought lots of different fabric. This is where I got this lovely soft yellow fabric, with plans to use it for making flowers. It was quickly used use with all my prototypes. A very sweet friend of mine bought me whatever they had left in the store and shipped it to me, so now I am waiting anxiously for it to arrive so I can continue making the bodies.

In the mean time, I had enough fabric to make a head start with 9 heads.

If it turns out to be different shade of yellow, I will cry - A LOT!
I think the fabric will arrive tomorrow, so I will find out then.