Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's a girl!

A healthy baby girl Sasquatch

She comes with all 6 fingers and all 6 toes!

After the second attempt at a another Sasquatch, I am happy with this one. I just wish working with fur did not drive me so nuts!

Preparing all the Sasquatch bits

There are quite a few seperate parts - mouth, teeth, ears, hands, fingers, feet, toes.... she's a fiddly little bugger!

Baby Sasquatch

Baby Sasquatch

 But she is quite adorable! :)

Today was a bad sewing day... I have been working on making more of these little babies, however I am struggling to make them look like this one. It's tricky getting all the different parts right! Tomorrow I will take a break from them and do something else. I hope to have some available soon.


  1. Hi, just discovered you via twitter. Thanks for following and bringing me here to meet the new baby! She's very sweet... I can also see how fiddly the making must be but the results are great.

  2. Hiya Penny!
    Thank you for popping over to my blog! Thanks so much! Yup, all the little fingers and little feet are extremely fiddly! Lots of separate parts. Glad you like her. :)