Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Delivery Day


Today was my first delivery date for the first batch of cats.

I had some drama with ordering more fabric. I ordered 5 meters from amazon but that turned out to be a slightly colour and thickness. In the end, I had to trouble a friend in Amsterdam to go to the shop I bought the fabric from and she sent it over. However, it took almost a week to arrive and no one could tell me where it was. Luckily the fabric arrived and left me with about 5 days which I spent sewing frantically!  It was looking unlikely that I would be able to finish 5 sleepy cats, but managed to complete 8 just in time! PHEW!

We were hoping to meet Jasper Byrne today but this did not happen. Perhaps when I return with the two remaining cats, we can hopefully arrange to meet Jasper, the designer and maker of Lone Survivor.

 This is Rob, the guy in charge of all the marketing.

And this is my dear friend James, who suggested me when Rob and Jasper had interests in getting Sleepy Cat plush toys made. 

There was some sadness parting with these funny little cats. I am used to seeing them everywhere! Even when I close my eyes, I see cat heads!

Don't look behind you Kitty!

I will take at least one day off from cat making, to rest my worn out fingers from all the hand sewing. This design has many separate parts that require a lot of hand sewing. They are much bigger than I had originally planned. With each prototype, the size increased too. It's a good size though, nice and huggable!

Just like with all my Suki's it's impossible not to get attached to every creation.  I will miss you Sleepy Cats, all of you! :)


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