Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My love for Fire Poi

It has been almost a year since I have picked up my poi and lit them on fire. I miss my fire poi-ing days...

I find it so exhilarating! The heat from the flames, the glow from the fire and the sounds of the fiery balls as the swoosh around your head. I love it! And there are so many tricks I have still to learn.

Now living back in London I have no idea where I would go to do that now. In Amsterdam it was so easy to go to a park and no one bothered you. If anything, it was common that people would ask to join in and have a go.

That is how I met my poi friends, Wouter and Jesse and I was so lucky to meet them.  Back in 2007 and had decided to learn fire poi to perform at my best friend's wedding. I was her Maid of Honour and wanted to do something impressive. Since I am not known for having a beautiful singing voice or any dancing or musical skills, I decided to spice up my poi skills by doing it with fire. I was scared as hell!!! I only started learning with the fire just a couple of weeks before the wedding. The very first time I did it, I singed my hair and almost set fire to my friends bike. :)

The second time I practiced with fire, was one week before the wedding outside Rijks Museum. I was nervously spinning my fire poi, as I turned around, in the distance I spotted more fire swirling around. I thought I was seeing things. That was the night I met Wouter and Jesse. They came over and introduced themselves and from that night on we would meet up and fire poi together. I met with them for one last poi session before I moved to London. Keep poi-ing guys! Hope we can poi again one day...

Jesse, Wouter and Me

Me making pretty patterns

The sounds made my spinning the fire balls is amazing

Getting more confidence - the first time I did not wear anything to protect my hair
 One of the nights I went out to practice, Kim showed us his fire spitting! Just had to include these pics!

Kim fire spitting

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  1. It looks like great you guys were having so much fun. At our school we are also learning poi and learn how to speak a little bit of Spanish.