Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In Paris


When it came to choosing just one Suki to bring to Paris I had very tough time. Since Paris is supposed to be the city of Love, it seemed appropriate to bring Lupi and Pilu even though they did take up almost one carry bag. In the end I brought three Sukis along! :)

More love...

Everywhere love...

What is that????

Unfortunately, I was unwell during our trip. I had a bad cold and cough, no energy and had to blow my nose every 10 seconds and me and Francesco were quarreling over the silliest cooking, directions and macaroons. (Apparently we have a quarrel star over us this year and so far it's proving quite true!) The worse thing of all was having no appetite in Paris!!! Arrghhh!!! What a terrible shame!

However it was still a lovely weekend and Sukis saw a little bit of Paris :)

Oh! And we also discovered an amazing area for fabrics! We managed to buy some before I ran out of energy and had to go home. Another big shame...

Marche Saint-Peirre

Five gigantic floors!

The second place we very quickly visited was Reine. Only three floors but also big and filled with lovely fabrics!

Francesco helping me with the photoshoot

Walking around with Lupi and Pilu

Francesco's parents

This fabric was bought in Paris. I could not wait to get started with it!

New grafitti fabric

Grafitti Lupi Pillow in the making


One size up from the other pillows

This Grafitti Lupi pillow was made for Francesco. I made it a bit bigger than the usual pillow size. This is a much better size for a pillow. I am very happy with this one!

I still have some new fabrics from Italy to make pillows with...

I love trying all the new fabric combination but the pillows are starting to occupy quite a bit of space now. The flat is filling up with of Lupi pillows and not to mention all the other Sukis! We need a bigger flat!!! :)


  1. Looks like such a fun trip to Paris!! Love the photos and the new graffiti fabric pillow.

  2. Your Sukis pillows are so cute! Loved the scenes of Paris with the Sukis. Hope you are feeling better!

  3. Thanks Debbie and SibStudio! I feel much better now but just wish I was not so rubbish in Paris. Will have to go again :)