Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's March already!

Eeeeeeek! I cannot believe how quickly each month is passing!

I feel like I am so behind on everything!

I am falling behind on my blog posts, I still have not even begun my Suki Dragon (I still have 10 more months before the Dragon year is over :) ), paper toys are on hold, I began my a painting which is still waiting to be finished, I still have not designed my website - but I think I have chosen my colour scheme!

More Lupi pillows have been made and were taken on a trip to John Lewis again and Habitat. The stores really have been great with me running around taken photographs!

And I still have yet to begin my new food blog! I am tons of food pictures but no time to sit and write out all the recipes! I do not think I am able to write recipes! Cooking is one thing and writing it all out as followable instructions is another! I will try to find time to put up the first recipe.

So, almost four months have passed of Naomi's internship with me. I have set her monthly tasks which she gets on with. I have not dedicated much time to assisting her or guiding her so now I am on a mission to change that. I am trying to be more strict and want to introduce more structure to her work day. Also having an intern is new for me so we are both learning together.

On Monday Naomi was given the task to design and make her own misfit. It was her first SukiSuki plush and she did really well.

Naomi's bunny Misfit

From behind

Naomi and her first SukiSuki!

Now back to the website, my deadline for producing something is for the end of this week! Even if it is just a gallery of photographs or a banner. Just something more what what I have now. The trouble is I want the perfect website... and deciding on any one element is just a nightmare!

Let's see how far I get by end of Friday!

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