Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stuff You, Nicole

Nicole and Her Stuff You

 Meet Nicole! She requested a Stuff You order of herself in the style of Alice, the game character.

Dark Alice

 I began with a sketch. I wanted to capture as many of this character's details.

The designs

Ready for a dress

Making clothes is tricky already, making small clothes is even trickier!!

I even managed to find a silver horseshoe pendant, but it doesn't hang upside down like it does on Alice. Perhaps this will bring Nicole good luck! :)

The apron has little pockets and the boots are even removable.

Stuff You Nicole completed!

From behind


There is always a feeling of fear that a Stuff You will not go well. It is always challenging to create a new and one off piece based on someone, but also a little scary!

I was nervous and excited when I presented Nicole with her Stuff You. Fortunately, Nicole loved it!

Here are Stephanie and Nicole with their SukiSuki orders. They were in London for a weekend trip and it was a pleasure to meet them!

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