Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Leopard and Tiger Cub Donuts

Leopard Donut

 "Do you think a Leopard donut would look weird?" I asked the one of the shop guys in the fabric store. "Yeah, I think it would", he replied. I bought the leopard patterned faux fur fabric anyway as curiosity got the better of me.

One week later I was in John Lewis buying more leopard fabric and this time tiger patterned fur too. While I was waiting in the queue to pay an Indian lady, two customers away from me reached to stroke the faux furs I had in my arms.  "What will you make with these?"she asked me eagerly.

"Ermm...". I hesitated for a moment, because I was wondering how I should answer.

"What will you make with these?" she asked me again with a big smile, still stroking my fabrics.

"A Leopard Donut", I stated, observing their reactions. 

The Indian woman looking puzzled, retracted her arm and turned around politely.
"Random", replied the lady between me and the Indian woman. 
 And no further questions were asked. :)

A basket full of Leopard and Tiger Cub Donuts

Quite some time ago, Francesco suggestion I use animal furs for something but nothing really came to mind. Then a couple of weeks ago I decided to try it out with a little donut.  The first one to be born was a Leopard, the second was a Tiger. I am waiting patiently for some new faux furs I ordered a couple of weeks ago. There is definitely a feline theme here....

Donut parts all ready

Tiger Cub Donut

Tiger Cub Donut, from behind

Fluffy little ears

Soft furry tail

Leopard and Tiger Cub Donut

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