Wednesday, May 9, 2012

International Monsters Day!

I only became aware of International Monster's Day when I was contacted by the group International Monster's Day about taking part on the 5th of May. With only a days notice, I decided to make a monster for a giveaway to celebrate this fun day! She is called Pinky-Boo

 The winner was selected yesterday, Lisa Dunn the owner of Dunn With Love. It was pretty exciting to inform another facebook craftie friend that she was the winner!  Lisa was very thrilled! :)

  Naomi also designed a monster but did not get to finish him.
Pinky-Boo and the new Sukis

Here are Ocelot Suki, Cheetah Suki and Snow Leopard Suki.

I had a very busy day making more monsters with every furry colour I had.


Such a colourful bunch!

It happens everytime I work with the furry fabrics... I have to complain about the fur! Especially this fur! It is long, light and whispy! They are cute but it is impossible to not get covered in fur!!!

Peek a boo! Monster in a box!

These colourful little monsters are now available in the SukiSuki Etsy Shop


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