Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New House - Floor Boards and Bricks


The new brick wall

The new flat really is coming along nicely! Francesco started putting down boards and its looking great! Also its the only part above the basement, I feel safe on. Now that it is not just a big hole, it really feels like progress is being made. Once all the boards are in place so there is a floor and stairs, it will eventually begin to look like a home!

We bought reclaimed bricks to replace the old ones. We do like bricks! Our wall is at an angle so we had to remove the old bricks to make the correction. There are still plenty of things we still need to decide on but the overall look we are going for is rustic and modern. Today we were discussing the location of the radiators in the living room.

Already we have bought, our granite surface, the kitchen sink, cooker hobs, stairs and wooden floors. We still have to decide on the taps, oven, fridge and washing machine. Everything thing else, will come slowly. There are so many things to think about!

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