Sunday, February 23, 2014

Naked Suki Art Packs

I have been collecting supplies to make the Suki Art Packs fun and interesting. 
  Buttons, pom poms, fun fur, felt, fabric, ribbon and sequins.

The Sukis are blank canvases.

Every pack will be different, who knows exactly what you may find inside!

Monster, Bunny and Bear
Bunny Art Pack

Bunny Art Pack

Bear Art Pack

Bunny Art Pack

Monster Art Pack

Today I tired out one of the packs myself.  It was fun, kept me busy for a couple of hours, however I did find it difficult to decide what to do at first!

I had my sister test out my product but I needed to test it out myself. I sewed, glued and drew with a sharpie. Sharpies are perfect for this!

Painting with acrylics would also work well. 

I am really curious to see what other people create with their Suki Art Packs.

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