Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Orchid Plant - New Year, New Shoot!


 I am incredibly excited about the appearance of this new shoot!

 It is only 6cm and looks a little bit like an asparagus.

This was a birthday gift from Francesco last year. Orchids are one of my favourite flowers and this plant arrived with many beautiful flowers that lasted for almost 3 months. Then one by one, they slowly shriveled and dropped off, until there was just the stalk left. Then eventually the stalk grew brown and I kept trimming it, until there was no long any stalk to trim.

Francesco said we will just get a new plant, but I had faith! The leaves were healthy, even new ones grew and new roots also appeared. It was just flowerless but everything else was in great shape!

There were some nervous feeling towards the survival of this orchid. I had one before when I was living in Amsterdam. I htought I was soing it a favour my removing all the dry park and re-housing it in a new pot full of nice, soft, nutrious soil. But that killed it! Orchids do not grow in soil!

So far, this plant is still alive and hopefully this shoot will produce flowers.

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