Monday, November 7, 2011

Werewolf Donut

My new favourite donut

A new addition to the Dark Donut Series! The Werewolf Donut!

This Donut was placed under a curse. He still maintains some physical traits of a donut but posses super-donut strength and senses beyond those of wolves and donuts. They are extremely rare and love nothing more than cuddles and a scratch behind the ears. But beware of him during a full moon!!!! :)

Vampire, Werewolf and Devil Donuts

The fur is really lovely and soft but when this fabric is cut there are a million hairs EVERYWHERE!!! Arrrgghhh! It really is horrible!!! I must have hoovered a million times just to control the hair mess from cutting. And there was a lot of cutting!

 I was undecided about the colour of the ears, wondered if they should be pink, white or grey. Francesco suggested to make them green to match with the eyes. I was worried the green ears would look strange. After some doubting, I decided that green might be a good choice after all and it was! Good call Francesco! :)

Back view

Fluffy tail

Me and my new creation