Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween at Torture Gardens

I am never leaving Halloween shopping to the last minute again! On Friday the queues for the Halloween stores were ridiculous! It was so stressy inside the shop I made panic purchases and I still did not find anything for myself! In the end I went to fabric store minutes before closing and got some stretchy black PVC.

It was perfect, I made a top for Francesco and a dress for me.

I went as a Voodoo Witch with my own voodoo doll. :)

The only reason we knew about this event was because my friend Natsumi Scarlet was performing that night. Dressing up and makeup took much longer than we expected and we arrived to the club 20 minutes before Natsumi's act. Unfortunately no body in the club knew where any of the rooms were - the map was unreadable! We were rushing all over the place, upstairs, downstairs following wrong directions. In the end we were sent to the wrong room and watched the wrong performance! As soon as I realised the person we were watching was not Claire, we ran around again looking for the aorrect place. We finally found Claire! We saw the last 5 seconds of her act, doing the splits! 

Torture Gardens Halloween Ball was amazing! It was an incredible experience, it was the first Fetish Club we had been too. The variety of costumes and lack of was just fantastic to see, and the atmosphere of the entire night was just amazing! It was the most fun Halloween we ever had! This article sums it up very well!

Despite all the costume stress, our costumes turned out very well and this definitely is a place were you can be creative if you like making costumes :)

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