Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Werebear Donut

There is a new addition to the Dark Donut Series!

I began by making a Bear Donut. Once she was complete, the Werewolf  Donut bit her and she turned instantly into a Werebear Donut!!! Now she will carry the curse of the Werebear forever...

Hiii! I'm awake at 7am!
Ooh!! Why am I awake at 7am??!!

  A very happy Werewolf Donut with his new companion.

TA DAaaa!!!

 It's always a relief once these furry creatures are finished. It is crazy how much mess is made from the fur!!! I have to hoover about a million times!

Me with my Werebear and Werewolf Donuts

Even though these are a pain to make, I have to say that these fluffy donuts do make me smile. Let there be many more fluffy donuts to come! :)