Sunday, November 6, 2011

Squakkio, the Baby Sasquatch

Oh my! My last blog post was in mid September! So much has happened since then!

I decided to finally make something with the lovely white faux fur I bought in Derby when I met up with Vanessa.

I started with some sketches and made my first baby Sasquatch.

The fur was a nightmare to cut! There were tons of hairs everywhere, every time i cut the fabric! I went to the balcony to cut. It was a really sunny and I was also getting warm from all the hard work, and the fur was sticking to my sweaty forearms. There were white hairs also allover my clothes and the best part was then i got hairs got into my eyes and onto my contact lenses!  It was a furry nightmare!!!!

Sightseeing in London
Enjoying the last part of Summer

I let Francesco choose a name for the the baby Sasquatch and he chose Squakkio. :)

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