Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Operation Rescue Mission - Spider In The Toilet

It was about 2am last night, and I was preparing for bedtime. Just as I was about to use the toilet, I spotted a big spider swimming around in the toilet bowl!

I've been dealing with a lot of spiders recently, my fluffy ones, but I was not expecting to see a pretty big spider in the toilet!!! Especially the toilet!!!
Using a tissue, I tried to fish it out, but instead, the spider sank to the bottom of the toilet! I ran upstairs to fetch my gloves,so i could scoop him out before he drowned. 

Scooping out a spider from a toilet was so much harder than I imagined it would be! 
As I put my hand into the toilet to lift it out, the movement caused the water to push the spider deep inside the toilet so I couldn't see it! 
 started swishing the water around to check if he was still there and she whirled out, but every time I went to reach for him he went back in again. 

This went on for a while.... and the spider was by now a ball and I was beginning to think it was impossible to get her out. It might have been be kinder to just flush her out... But I was determined to save her! It's all a bit blurry now, but must have created some kind of momentum with the water with my hand, and somehow I managed to get her out!! I really don't remember how, but I did it!

The spider wasn't moving at all, and I was certain he was dead. Using some tisuue, I dabbed him to dry him dry him off, and coaxed him not to be dead... 

Minutes passed by and I had given up. I moved him one last time and he lept into motion!!! I tried to catch him, so I could take up outside and he almost fell back into the toilet!!! It was all getting a bit too much for me - the thought of having to go through that all again! Flushing the toilet would have been too tempting!

She hit the lid and fell behind the toilet and just laid there in a ball. I thought if drowning in the toilet hadn't killed her, then perhaps the fall had!

As I tried to pick it up, it ran off and fell under the toilet and just stayed there for a while. Then it ran around while i tried to catch it. Eventually I was able to get it and put it outside. Oh - and I caught another spider which lws also big, but looked very young, that went outside too!

As I was texting my husband, to tell him of my spider drama, an even BIGGER spider came running into the bedroom, where i was sitting!!!  Perhaps this was the male, looking for his mate and baby!

This one wasn't easy to catch and he was jumping about! I don't have a problem with spiders, but all of this did freak me out a bit...

From now on, the toilet lid is staying closed!!!!

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