Tuesday, May 24, 2016

31st British Tarantula Society at Warwickshire Exhibition Center

I did it! I went to a Tarantula Convention and had a terrific time! I met so many wonderful people there, such a warm and friendly bunch!

The organisers - Ray and Angela Hale

Ray and Angela have been organising this annual event for the last 25 years!

The queue started to form quite early. By the time the doors opened at 11am, there the queue was massive!

Almost time for the doors to open

Tree carving guy

I never even knew Tarantula Conventions existed before 5 weeks ago. I was a vendor at ToyCon and it was there I met Mike and his wife Katherine. Mike saw one of my little red spiders and told me all about this tarantula event and suggested I try to get a table there to sell my spiders. I was instantly intrigued and decided it would be something I want to witness, even if I was not able to go as a seller. Mike gave me Ray's contact and a table was instantly reserved for me!

Now, I am so happy to have been able to get a table before they completely sold out! Not only that, my table was situated right in front of the entrance!

 My sister Naomi came with me and was such a big help! She kept things in order while I was just creating chaos... Actually she was very adamant about not coming at first, as spiders are not her most favourite creatures. Luckily she changed her mind, and in the end I think she enjoyed herself, apart from getting hardly any sleep and being exhausted.

Spider, spider, Naomi, spider, spider, spider

 My plush spiders were so well received. Both big, and small spiders, found new homes.  For me, it really is was so much fun talking to people, as I normally spend most of my days not talking to anyone! And it was even better when someone made a purchase.

My very first customer!

I did not have the chance to go around and see what everyone was selling.Because of this, whenever someone came to my table and they were holding a container, I asked them what they had inside. It was fascinating to see what people were buying!  Next time, I will have to check out everything!! I like the idea of having a couple of real jumping spiders.

Being nosey

Beatles i think
Stick insects

The Zoo Family

I even met a guy who owns a Zoo!!! Bugtopia.

The team


Carl kindly gave us a signed copy of his book - Fangs for the memories.

Laura and Jake

The winners

My sister and my parents

If my parents had not driven that day with all of my spiders, I have no idea how I would have transported everything to Warwickshire. 15 big spiders, would have been a massive problem!! Luckily, my parents were happy to come along. They also enjoyed the day, something they had never seen before.

 Hopefully I we be there again next year!

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