Saturday, August 25, 2012

Naomi's Internship Presentation

 Naomi's time as SukiSuki's intern is approaching the end. Yesterday she had to present to her tutor George what she has been doing for almost the last 10 months.

 Naomi had put together a slide show of photos as well as lots of paper items and sewn items to show George.

I think the presentation went very well.

And here is a basket of all of the Suk's that Naomi made herself. 10 months really has flown by, it almost seems too short! Wish we had more SukiSuki time together. During this time she has learnt the process of making SukiSuki plushes, how to sew with the sewing machine and by hand. As well as designing and making her own suki's she has also sold 4 items.   

I really hope Naomi enjoyed her internship at SukiSuki. I will miss her, and especially the part where I can boss her about all day! :)

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