Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chocolate Bunny and Chocolate Bear Donut

What a delicious par!

These new donuts look good enough to eat!

The plan yesterday was to make something for the Autumn giveaway. I was being insanely indecisive. But my indecision was being fueled by enormous amounts of creative energy. These kind days are rare! I love these days and I wish they happen more often! When I have these creative and energetic bursts I know they are the best days for creating!

Deciding on a character was almost impossible, it kept changing depending on what fabrics I was selecting. Then the fabrics kept changing depend on the colour combinations. Naomi probably thought I was going crazy but this is all part of the process. :) Ideas were constantly changing and developing till I finally came to a decision that felt perfect! A new bunny and bear donut!

It was impossible to  decide between a bunny or bear so I had to make both. But I had already decided that it would be the bunny donut for the giveaway. 

Bunny and Bear donut

I do love them!

Chocolate Bear Donut looking all cute and yummy!

From behind

The different donuts

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