Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lupi Pizza

The first ever Lupi Pizza!

Made with Francesco's Father's magic dough, fresh, delicious ingredients and the crazy hands of Ale!

Shaping the pizza

The crazy hands

The sauce

With all the toppings

Ready for the oven

Cooking in the wood oven

Lupi pizza and the chef, Ale

It was a beautiful day, great weather, Franesco's Father's pizza for lunch then hanging out at the pool soaking up some sun before the thunder and rain arrived in the evening.

Francesco's friends

Sewing, even when i'm on holiday! Just had to finish up Ale's Lupi Pillow. It was crazy busy at work, so had hardly any Suki time. I began sewing pillows the night before our flight and finished them in Italy.

Chiara, Christina, Cinza and the Sukis

Ale and his Lupi Pillow

Lorenza demonstrating the uses of the pillow

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