Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dressing up the Sasquatches

I love costume parties! It is just the combination of wearing something you would not normally wear and having to design a costume!  So, I guess it was only inevitable the Sukis should be dressed up too.

The Sasquatches are the first victims. :)

A friend asked me to make something to do with the sea for his girlfriend. At first, I was goign to make a crab donut, but after doing a sketch, I was not convinced that the design would work. After some thinking, the idea of dressing up something as a lobster came to mind and after a sketch, a Lobsquatch was born!

Custom made Lobsquatch

working on a small batch of Lobsquatches


This may be the start of many Sasquatches being dressed in ridiculous outfits!






To celebrate the release of these new designs, I am doing a giveaway over at my SukiSuki Facebook  page. If you fancy winning one, just pop on over! TAKE ME TO GIVE AWAY
Dress up Sasquatches Give Away!

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