Monday, November 4, 2013

Baby Sasquatches

Baby Suki Sasquatches

Last week I was busy making these furry little ones. Yesterday, I listed them up on Etsy, one boy and 4 little girls. They were snapped up right away!

Baby Suki Sasquatch

 Today I packed them all up and sent them off to their new homes.

Baby Suki Sasquatches
 As soon as I find more brown fabric, more red Sasquatches will be made. I do not like choosing favourites, but I think he might be my favourite.

Little baby boy Sasquatch

Here is the little boy Sasquatch with his nappy ready for his journey to his new home.

I put nappies on them just for taking photos, but everyone liked them so much I had to include them too! :) 

Little baby Sasquatches in their nappies

A new batch of babies will be coming soon... 

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