Monday, July 30, 2012

The London Olympics 2012!!!

 The 28th of July, it was the very first day of the Olympics and also Francesco's birthday! As a surprise I took him to see the Beach Volleyball event/ Our friend Alessio was able to get 2 extra tickets for us, the day before! It was pretty lucky!

And to add to our luck, when we were at Horse Guards Parade, we managed to acquire 2 free extra tickets for better seats! We gave 2 friends a call and gave them our seats.

Watching Team GB playing against Canada

It really was terrific to be at an Olympic event, and on the first day! Beach volleyball was so much fun to watch.  Team GB, mens put up a good fight but Canada was a stronger team.The weather was great and generally the overall atmosphere in London was really nice. It was surprisingly quiet in the underground and above ground on the streets of London, not at all chaotic as everyone was predicting.


These Policemen were very polular with the tourists and I could not resist asking them if I too could take their photo. However, I had one extra request, which was for them to hold my little sheep :) They were happy to oblige.

Birthday Francesco with Andrea and Mauro

Lucky Andrea and Mauro to get our tickets.

Francesco's birthday dinner at Koba

 We were supposed to be 12, but after 2 couples of cancelations, in the end we were 8. We had a set menu for 8, but there was enough food for 12!!!

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