Saturday, July 14, 2012

Catching up

It has been over a month since my last post! Now I do not know where to start!

I guess I can begin with how I accepted a job back in Games! After almost exactly a year since I left Guerrilla, I joined Super Massive Games. It was an unexpected turn! I had my doubts at first as I did not want to neglect SukiSuki, especially since things were going forward and I was getting more and more busy. And the commute to Guildford did not thrill me. However, this job opportunity came up at a good time, sinc we are buying a house (oh yeah, we are buying a house!) and I really liked the company and I some friends from Guerrilla are working there too. So I accepted the job offer! It is a 6 month contract, working 4 days a week.

Four weeks have passed already! Waking up early has been a nightmare! In my first 3 days I managed to lose my work pass twice... I lost the first one in the office. Then the worse part was that after litterally one hour of getting my 2nd pass, I lost it! It must have fallen out of my jumper pocket when i was taking it off while crossing the road, walking into town. The third pass was given to me, attached to a string so I can hang it around my neck and not take it off during the day. And last week I lost my bank card which is a complete mystery where they went to!

It is fun working with people again. I have missed it!

Here we are having a picnic lunch on one of the rare warm, sunny days this years Summer has seen so far.  This is actually the day i lost my my 2nd pass! I only realised after lunch.

Girlie lunch with Angela, Julie and Michelle

Last week, another girlie lunch was organised with all the girls in the company.  We went to All Bar One. I could not resist the fish and chips.

Fish and Chips for lunch
We are missing Angela and Michelle, otherwise there would have been 8 of us in total.

The last four weeks have been tiring. Luckily, Super Massive agreed for me to have a 4 day work week, allowing me to have one Suki day. Which is great, but completely exhausting at the same time. One day is not enough, I end up having to sort stuff out and wrap up orders after I get home after work and sew during weekends also.

But I am enjoying juggling to 2 things. I just have to adjust and find my rhythm.

Old Guerrilla bunch - Geert, Angela, Cesare and Rob
 It really is nice to see familiar faces from Amsterdam here in Guildford. The CG industry is a small world, wherever you go you are bound to bump into someone you know. :)

Here is a photo from Samantha, the winner of my Lupi Pillow Giveaway! She wrote a lovely post about it on her blog. I am so happy she loves her pillow! Here he is on Sam's new sofa.

Naomi has only 1 month and a half left on her internship with SukiSuki. She has been sewing more and making paper toys for me.

Naomi's monster for International Monster's Day

Naomi's Suki and Suki keyrings

First paper toy design - Tea Bags

Paper toy tea bags designed by Naomi

The tea bags will be available to download free. Just needs some final touches.

I have been wanting to do paper toys for a really long time! I did attempt to make a Lupi paper toy but did not have time to continue and finish it. Naomi has been given the task to research and design paper toys based on my sukis. We hope to release some soon!

So here is a summary of what I have been making... 

An order for 2 pillows and a sunflower from a very lovely customer

All finished

 The donuts have been very popular! Eepecially the bunny donuts!

An order to my friend Judith in The Netherlands.

And order sent to Ireland

Our concierge Rod and the large Lupi pillows

New mini werewolf and werebear donuts

I went on a crazy buying-supplies-frenzie on my last Suki Friday, before starting my office job. I just could not resist buying this gorgeous fur!!! It really is so soft and lovely!!!

Finally I got around to making two more flowers, like the one I made for my mum's birthday.

Cotton Flowers
This one sold almost right away

Here is Rod again, posing for me

Go to Etsy Shop

My batch of bunny donuts are all sold now. :) And I have one to make for a baby, so no glass eyes.

Add caption

A special gift for my friend Maggie - A Monster Donut

My postal scales

I would always cycle to the post office to find out how much items cost to send, and after having several shocks of postage prices and very inaccurate estimations, I decided it was best to own a scale. No more surprises!

It has been a busy month! Will try not to leave it so long till the next post!

I have not even mentioned the sheep!!!!

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