Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mind The Gap!

I was born and raised in Greater London. I have been going in and out of Central London all my life. And I have been a Londoner for almost the last 4 years so I would say I was a very competent Tube traveler - almost well enough to move around with my eyes shut! But now, I will use the underground with my eyes wide open!!!

Yesterday, I was on my way to meet my sister at Liverpool street. My journey started at Clapham South Station and I had to change at Bank. It was a very regular journey, until something unexpected happened. 

I fell in the gap! Yes,  I FELL IN THE GAP! I still can't believe it.

All I can remember is following a man into the tube, I took a step, and dropped down and was just looking at the floor of the tube, which was almost at my eye level! I didn't move or even make a sound. I was completely startled.


Then I found myself quickly and gently picked up and placed on the train. I was in a state of shock and embarrassment. Instantly I could feel a bruise on my left leg when I had hit it on my way down.
It was only one stop to Liverpool street, and the whole time I felt eyes on me and the pain in my leg. Silently I was telling myself - don't cry, don't cry, don't cry - and I succeeded until I met my sister. It was probably one of the most ridiculous things I had to explain.

 I did not see the guy who lifted me up. Whoever you are, thank you for saving me, you are my hero!

 Forever now, I will mind the gap...

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