Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Size does matter!

The Suki Studio is slowly transforming... These wooden panels have received so much attention from me in the last week - sanding, painting, more sanding, filling in the holes and spaces.

My desk and table was finally assembled! After the walls were plastered, we discovered that the 3m long, solid oak table no longer fit! Our builder Waldeck has fixed this problem and now everything fits.

Having a 3 meter solid oak table really was not as simple as I had imagined! But we got there in the end..

Attilio putting everything in place

Attilio and Waldek preparing to take a bit off the table

This will probably be the final position of the island table. It creates a bit of separation between the bathroom and bedroom.

I tried putting the island table in other places, but because of the radiators and garden door, there is only really one spot it can go...

When I was designing the furniture, it all seemed to make sense on paper. The island is much bigger than I had realised. Suddenly the room is a lot smaller. I need a bigger studio!!! :)

And I still want a little sofa but now i'm not sure if there is enough space.

Designing my studio is extremely exciting but it is also a little bit overwhelming. There are so many things to decide on. I need to organise all my things smartly as I have so much fabric, and I really am wondering how all of it is gonna fit!!! And I want the room to be as pretty as can be!

Another dilemma I have, is which walls to paint in a colour... or even the ceiling...

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