Monday, March 10, 2014

Making Captain Amercica with a Naked Suki Pack

Captain America
Today's mission was to make Captain America with one of my packs. 

No sewing machine required, just a needle and thread and some fabric glue and wire cutters.

Naked Suki Pack

The belt:
1. Cut a strip of the white fabric and lots of little red strips

2. Glue all the red strips in place 

3. Trim off the edges and fold the belt inwards and glue in place. This gives the belt a tidy finish.

 4. The suit.

5. Outline Suki shape and sew the sides, from the inside. Leave a bit of space for the arms.

6. Cut out the  part to fit the legs and sew it up.

 7. The sleeves. Glue the red, white and blue together.

 8. Outline the arms and sew them from the inside.

9. Make two

10. Invert them and place on your Suki.

11. The boots. Add the red boots to the suit. Cut out the boots and sew them up first, then attach them to the suit, sewing from the inside.

12. Sew the sleeves, from the outside, to the suit, to make it all one piece.

 14. Now for the belt.

 15. Close the belt with a couple of stitches.

 16. Using the white felt, cut a little star out. I had several attempts, hence the little pile of cut white felt.

 17. The mask. Outline the head and sew around, leaving space for the horns.

 18. Invert the mask and carefully cut out holes for the eyes.

19. Make horns and sew them on, from the inside or the outside. I stitched them from the outside, to ensure the best fit.

 20. The little white wings. Cut out the wings from the white felt and stitch them on to the mask.

21. And cut out a capital ''A'' and stick it in the center of the mask.

TADA! Captain America!

21. Just one final touch  - a comic word made from felt and pipe cleaners. Cut out the letters, and make the base spikey. Fold the pipe cleaners to follow the shape of the base and cut with wire clippers.


Super Hero Sukis

Here are some more examples of what you can do with the Naked Sukis!

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