Monday, January 16, 2012

January so far...

We are half way through the first month of the new year and  I have not sewn a single thing yet! I have been so busy thinking and planning what I want to do, and letting myself get distracted with cooking, learning Italian and playing with my new shiny iPad. :) Each day is passing by at a riduculous rate!

After making the pair of Lupi and Pilu pillows for Francesco's mum with the same fabric as her sofa, I decided it was not such a bad idea to have them as pillows. Two Fridays ago, I went to Liberty London for some patterned fabrics. The fabrics are beautiful, a wide selection of different patterns and fabrics. I was choosing for hours! The plan is to have a patterned front and a plain back, to give a more pillowy feel. I went to the Cloth House to choose plan cottons and linens.

Everything is more or less cut out. I was supposed to start sewing last week, but have somehow managed not to.

New cottons and linens for Lupi and Pilu pillows


Also, with Valentines Day just around the corner I thought it would be nice to make some mini Lupi and Pilus. Today I completed cutting everything out the eyes and stuck on the spots so everything is ready. Tomorrow I plan to sew and it will be the first time this year!

My list of goals this year is getting longer and I have been finding it difficult to focus on one thing at a time! My goals I wish to achieve this year are, designing my own fabrics, making SukiSuki paper toys, start new food blog, write recipes on my food blog, and most importantly do my website! I need to start designing something soon or Francesco will kill me...

It is nice to get back into the cooking and taking pictures again. During the mass production period I was too tired to think about cooking and food shopping. The cooking became much more quick and simple and also Francesco took care of dinner more.

Last week, I cooked a celebratory New Years dinner for me and Francesco. We had champagne and cavier. For dinner we ate roasted guinea fowl with roast potatoes and vegetables and a creamy white wine sauce. It was so yummy!

Today I really faniced a roast dinner so I made honey roasted chicken legs, potatoes, parsnip, brussels sprouts, leak and carrots and a onion and mushroom gravy. I love roasts!

I wonder if I can sew all my Lupi and Pilus tomorrow... I will be happy just to use my sewing machine again :)
Lets hope tomorrow will a productive day!

Also, SukiSuki is now selling in an online store in the US, Style Outside The Box 

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