Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter Wonderland Report

So the Winter Wonderland at Coutts bank was on the 1st of December. I had a month to prepare, I was sewing like crazy!

It was my first time to experience the joys of  mass production! WHAT A NIGHTMERE!

I started with one of the things that take the most time... the flowers. Tons of cutting and sewing in order of colours. It was the most organised I have ever been.

I had a list with the Characters and how many of each I wanted to make. The numbers were constantly changing. Some days for sewing went better than others. 

Flower Heads

I only started stuffing right at the end. It was such a relief when the boxes were getting filled with completed items. It was only a few days before the market when this started happening.

 Ambitiously, I was aiming for 100 things in four weeks, but that was not possible.  75 things was the maximum I could make. I had a few items that went wrong, so I would have had a few more.

The mass production!

 I was sewing right up to the last moment. I was super stressed! Naomi was packing everything in boxes while I was getting ready. But of course everything worked out fine and we got to Coutts on time. However, we still had to set up everything on the table and put tags on everything.

There was not enough room on the table for everything so I used the wall in front to display the flowers.
Naomi and me at Coutts
My table

It was a very enjoying evening. There were lots of interest but by the end of the night I still had no sales.  Everyone wanted to buy online. But then, just as I was going to pack up, the 2 guys from Bottletops came and bought a Suki each!!!!   Thank you guys!!!! You certainly cheered me up! :)

Olly, my first customer of the night!

Cameron, my second customer

Overall it was a very fun night and a good experience. One thing is clear, I am a terrible sales person! :)

I am glad to have made so many things in a month, but hope to never have to do another month like that again! There were some days where I almost cried. I was so exhausted and my fingers were sore from all the sewing and the million pin and needle pricks! My poor fingers...

So what's next? Get my website done!!!!

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